Studies prove: Sustainable packaging is not just better for the environment but consumers see it as a unique value proposition.


Sustainably packaged products grow 5.6x faster than its peers.


Verified plastic neutrality is a simple, but highly impactful action to position your brand as a leader on sustainability.


Take action now and become part of the movement against plastic pollution.

You enable sustainable business models

Your contribution pays the salaries of people who collect plastic waste, it finances infrastructure that is required for waste management and covers the logistic costs to transport the waste from A to B.
Your contribution enables local communities to build up collection, sorting and transporting infrastructure to take care of their own plastic waste.
The more certificates are bought, the more plastic can be diverted from both land and oceans.
Your contribution makes all plastic waste valuable. This incentivizes people to collect plastic waste directly from households because it is overall cheaper than collecting it from the environment.
By supporting us you support the UNSDG 8, 9, 11, 14, 15.

Cleanhub offers the best solution ensuring traceability and guarantees the highest compliance standard fighting plastic pollution where it is needed.

Axel Pieters
Head of Geocycle